Should PR join maths, English and science on mainstay of school curricula?

HRs are doing it, management consultants are doing it, lawyers are doing it, accountants have been doing it for some time now… the fact is, every single department has adopted some communications role or another. And the trend seems to be increasing.

In fact at the recent PR World Congress in Dubai, the speakers seemed to be in accord that the PR industry as it stands is at risk due to the competition from other functions.

But what does this mean? 

I believe that the ultimate outcome is that PR will become so important (and common) in your modern-day skillset that it will become mandatory to have some official PR accreditation, education or certification to take ANY senior or middle-management role, whether that is in the finance department, legal, HR, or anywhere. If you want to reach the top levels, you must be able to communicate and have an understanding of the tools and strategies you can follow so you can design and run an effective campaign.

Therefore, in my opinion, schools should be offering PR at a very early stage. I remember having business studies at 14 and this could be complimentary. (I appreciate in some schools it might already be happening!)

This would also be the perfect time to instill a sense of ethics and professionalism in a new generation of communicators for as the saying goes ‘Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man’. 




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