How to become a millionaire from your personal social media time

As an eleven/twelve year PR person who has worked in agencies for much of my career, I fully understand the value of time – at least billable hours. That is the reason I and perhaps many others haven’t entered the social media environment until very recently – we just don’t see the returns.

The only reason I have taken the effort is to support my work with the Middle East PR Association, and also thanks to the inspiration and teaching of Alan Devereux who you may (and I highly recommend you to) reach out to through his LinkedIn account.

Social media is a bit like a rabbit hole though – as soon as you start, it draws you down. There are little distractions that say ‘try me’ and they may shrink the time required to manage your resources, or send you in the complete wrong direction.

These are my top 10 resources that you need if you want to make money from a personal B2B social media account.

1. Paypal – surely this is a cheat, Paypal as a social media tool? No but seriously, allow me latitude. If you are going to make money, you need something to manage the transactions, Paypal is by far the easiest most secure and simple method. It is also helpful for managing your subscriptions to various social media services as well.

2. Webex – wooah, that’s not social media either… Webex is a Cisco services that allows you to make Webinars with up to 25 people very reasonably. If you have a thought or an opinion that gains traction, you can combine your blog + Paypal + Webex and run a series of seminars very reasonably.

3. Blurb – huh that’s a publisher!!  Yes, and it allows you to craft very nice e-books for ipads and iPhones for a $1.5 and sells them online for you. It integrates with WordPress and also allows you to order printed versions in different levels of quality. Your Webex seminars can help you promote your book.

4. WordPress – finally something that looks like social media! According to Hubspot (an exceptional organisation btw) your social media strategy should be to drive people to a certain location. Your WordPress account should be that location as it contains the wealth of knowledge that helps build your community and helps you to sell your Webex seminars and your Blurb e-books.

5. LinkedIn – Groups, contacts, Q&A sections – they are enormously valuable to the prospective social media entrepreneur. You can post your articles free of charge, and participate in various discussions that drive traffic to your site. I have found LinkedIn to be the most powerful source of leads and followers.

6. Pinterest – although relatively new, Pinterest is as vital as WordPress. This is especially so if you are to incorporate Twitter into your strategy, and why wouldn’t you! As I have commented on an earlier blog, more people are looking for video and graphical content than before, and this trend will continue. Pinterest helps drive interest in your written work and helps push people to your WordPress account.

7. Twitter – the world’s largest microblogging platform and arguably one of the most powerful social media tools… only 7 on the list? Although the ability to tweet an unlimited number of people is attractive, the reality is that most of these messages are just spam and don’t get any response. You have to target them at specific audiences which is time consuming and really, it doesn’t help much. Adding a Pinterest link is sooo much more effective as people are happy to visit graphics, than wordpress accounts where they have to engage with the written word

8. HootSuite – I love my HootSuite! It allows me to distribute my messages to all my social media accounts and manage every communication in a simple and intuitive interface. I have subscribed to the premium package and I highly recommend to everyone to do the same and make their lives easier.

9. Ubersocial – similar to Hootsuite it lets me manage my
Tweets and reputation whilst away from the office. An invaluable service that every social media and communicator should employ.

10a. Flickr AND 10b. YouTube – I wanted to fit to a ten-strong list so have combined Flickr and YouTube together, although they serve different purposes. Flickr enables you to sell photography of events, and also to offer downloads VoD of certain premium recordings and interviews. Not its intentional purpose, but you can do it using the privacy settings and publishing services.

YouTube allows you to develop a video channel equivalent to your ‘wordpress’ account. This is one for the future after you have started the above.

And if you are interested in attending an online seminar for only $20 on how to activate each of these to support your own work, please follow instructions here:

Topic: How to become a millionaire through social media

Date: Thursday, 31 May 2012
Time: 18:00, Arabian Time (Abu Dhabi, Muscat, GMT+04:00)

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