For HR Depts Social Media is a Matter of Compete or Die…

Building a business case for social media is challenging – it’s clearly important, it has a lot of influence, but from a corporate stand-point the negative potential and fears of the unknown may be too powerful if approached from a marketing perspective.

This would be doubly so or more for an established company which has a successful business model and growing or stable customer base / revenues.

Why risk it? Why rock the cradle? Why fix what isn’t broken…

So what do you do faced with management’s natural conservatism, budget pressures but with the sincere understanding that to fail in social media is to potentially take a back seat and face market share losses in the years to come.

I have experienced that it is better to take a small step forward, than to push and force an unwilling management team to leap.I believe something is better than nothing. 

So where could that first step be? I think it might be in HR. Here we are not trying to fix something that isn’t broken – we are effectively starting over and creating something better!

As I’ve tried to show in the above table, HR teams should have fewer obstacles in explaining to conservative management teams the value and need for social media. And if I’m right, then all that is required to kick-start the initiative is a nice strategy explanation and some very basic information on how to use these tools.

There is no reason not to use social media from a HR standpoint – and if you don’t well, you are greatly limiting your potential and increasing your reliance on external consultants who will become increasingly less effective as you are not providing adequate support.

With such an argument all you need is a push in the right direction for I argue when it comes to HR, Social Media is an argument of whether to compete or die.

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