The future of lobbying (CIPR TV)

Excellent discussions on the required enhancements to lobbying required to enhance public trust in government. Must-watch for anyone.

Summary of points

  • More transparency on lobbying/decision-making process will restore trust
  • Governments need to listen to outside voices
  • Most lobbying happens behind closed doors and is a $2bn industry in the UK – so great potential for undue influence
  • Lobbying is ‘murkier than the world of political party funding’
  • Transparency and public awareness of lobbying will drive the ‘bad’ practitioners out of the sector
  • A register shines a light on those willing to operate within the limits of public interest and transparency
  • Codes of conduct need teeth to be able to stop undue influence being effected
  • Press coverage of lobbying always related to scandal which is creating damage for trust in government as well as for the sector
  • A register is a license to practice and should be universal for in-house and non-traditional PR providers
  • The register must also show the amounts being spent and the topics being pursued (note this is included within GRI framework under society indicators)

About stephenking2012

In 2012 I volunteered to hold the position of Chair - Standards & Ethics Committee for the Middle East PR Association (@MEPRA_org). I have set up this account to assist in this effort. You may also like to follow my Blog or connect with me on LinkedIn. In any case, please do visit, and if you are not yet a member, please do sign up!
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