10 skills the PR pro of 2022 MUST have

I love this article from Arik Hanson,  principal of ACH Communications who has addressed PRSA conferences recently.

In it, he describes the 10 skills that PR practitioners should develop to remain relevant in 2022. I’m not going to reprint the whole article, only to list the skills and you can visit his blog from more detail.

I totally agree with many of the below, but I think it is geared too much towards ‘digital’ practices which although will be important, won’t be the only game in town.

Sponsorship, sustainability, public affair/lobbying will all still be part of the equation and there will always be some journalists that you have to engage with – however, what the role they will be playing and the publications that they are writing for, may be completely unlike anything we see today.

This is Hanson’s list – happy to hear yours!

1- Advertising copywriting

2- Video editing/production

3- Mobile

4-Social content creation/curation


6- SEO

7-Speed to information

8-Programming skills

9-Managing virtual teams

10-Blogger outreach


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One Response to 10 skills the PR pro of 2022 MUST have

  1. Arik Hanson says:

    It’s a good point. But, I guess I tend to focus on the areas relative to my world (more of the digital side of PR). All the areas you mention below probably have their own lists. PR is a big discipline, after all!

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