The Mobile Communicator’s Kitbag – Must Have # 1 a HSPA Wifi Modem E5830

I’m happily sitting in the EK Business Lounge awaiting my flight back to the UK. I have rediscovered my BB Playbook at the bottom of my ‘to recycle’ pile and have managed to make it work again! No more ‘flashing yellow lights of death’.

I am happy that it also allows me to manage wordpress – or at least access my dashboard… it doesn’t allow me to do anything else, hence it’s going to become a Father’s Day regift in about 12 hours…

But in the interest of all those travelling this summer, this is a work in progress list of the must have gadgets for the mobile communicator.

Must Have Number 1. Discover dongles

Another problem with the EK lounge is that the free wifi keeps falling down. I find this in many public spaces and hotels, especially in conferences which share the same bandwidth. The solution? Get a dongle. Not just any dongle though – because chances are you will also have a HSPA or LTE-enabled tablet as well.

You need one of these – a HSPA Wifi Modem E5830.

According to the advertising: it fits snugly into a small pocket, and converts HSPA mobile signals into an umbrella of powerful Wi-Fi coverage for up to five devices to access the Internet securely. More info here.

With one of these devices you can connect your entire team to the Internet, becoming a portable hotspot. Alternatively, it provides easy Internet access for any friendly media or bloggers in the vicinity who might also be suffering from a venue’s lack of Internet or IT support.

Have to go fly now. More over the week, if I find the time.



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