Engaging with wikipedia – Day 10

OK, so if you have read my earlier post you will know that I have been attempting to ethically update and correct the information on the MEPRA Wiki page. I have posted in the ‘Talk’ section and have patiently waited for someone to come and edit our information in the appropriate fashion.

Ten days later and nothing has appeared. So, I am going to try something different.

I notice that in the Middle East Public Relations Association wiki it is filed ‘ within the scope of WikiProject United Arab Emirates‘. This is a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of the United Arab Emirates on Wikipedia. I am instructed that if I would like to participate, I should please visit the project page, where I can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.

So off I pop.

The first thing I notice is that… well, there’s not much here. There are a list of interesting Work groups & task forces, but that’s about it.

UAE Work groups & Task Forces

Emirati geography Cities of UAE
Northern Emirates

WikiProject Abu Dhabi

WikiProject Dubai

WikiProject Emirati politics

History of UAE

There are some pretty interesting titles there, but I’m not interested in examining each of these in the context of my post – feel free to visit yourself!

Now, I want to know who is behind this project group and there is a useful link which lists the members. This page invites you to submit your name in the list, which I have done. I am now number 7 of 14. From this page you can see what each person has contributed, and from this log you can quickly spot that there are only 9 active participants.

I have decided to reach out to one member of the wiki project group Emirati Icon and ask his/her advice. Let’s see what happens next!


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In 2012 I volunteered to hold the position of Chair - Standards & Ethics Committee for the Middle East PR Association (@MEPRA_org). I have set up this account to assist in this effort. You may also like to follow my Blog or connect with me on LinkedIn. In any case, please do visit www.mepra.org, and if you are not yet a member, please do sign up!
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