Yoga could enhance PR performance?

My mood has quite picked up after the appalling exit of England from Euro 2012. I am even considering saying something nice about my BB Playbook, which seems to have been manufactured especially for the Dubai Metro Gold Class cabin (I may even write a separate post on how to make your Playbook work for you).

Five weeks ago I took a knock in training and twisted my knee. Yesterday was the first night properly back in training. I attended a 1hr hot yoga session as well as a boxing training where I was told off for, well, fighting. So not sure if this post is truly inspired, or the result of kazakhi fuelled concussion.

Whatever, either the yoga or the brief pummeling to the head I endured has really enhanced my optimism. Let’s assume it was the mystical art of yoga that effected the change…

The serious message in this post is that traditionally PRs face significant stress. I recall once it was considered the second most stressful career after stock broking.

Short deadlines, 24*7 crises, maintaining client confidentiality, a very broad scope of responsibilities and significant implications for mistakes combined with access to lots of nice hotel food, bevereges and free hospitality of various types = a Delia Smith recipe for mental illness and addiction.

There are repercussions from too much stress and too many parties. Similar to getting hit in the head twice a week.

I believe that yoga may provide a highly appropriate remedy helping to reduce illness and generally improve the environment of the PR workspace.

In Dubai we are spoilt for choice in teachers. And the cost per lesson is quite reasonable. Maybe there is a call for employers to invest in this for their staff and offer in-office or after-office yoga, similar to the Japanese at the Nissan factories?

Would also help young account managers to learn to bend over backwards for their favourite clients!

Interested? Let us know your favourite place or, the best area!


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  1. Dana Hilser says:

    Yoga makes me really fit and healthy. Aside from the relaxation benefits that i gained from yoga, it also helps me to become very calm and very focused in life. ,”::.

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