The Mobile Communicator’s Kitbag – Must Have # 3 Sony HDR-PJ30

There’s a reason the Sony HDR-PJ30 received a ‘freak’s review of 8.9 out of 10…. It’s because it’s sooooo goood. Users have ranked it even better at 9+. I concur.

Having bought mine for around $1.5k a couple of months ago, I am hooked. It’s just so easy to use, so powerful, and delivers time and time again.

What makes it so exciting to use?

Well there’s the Batman factor.

The HDR-PJ30 comes with a Utility Slot at the top above the lens where you can add a Bluetooth microphone that captures crystal clear audio from up to 100m away. I have found this absolutely the most useful factor when I am recording speakers delivering keynotes, or even myself in my own presentations.

You can also add an additional, directional microphone for outdoor shooting and several other useful gadgets.

It also has a projector. You can record and then immediately present back to your audience. And it has a built in USB cable for transferring immediately to PCs wihtout needing to worry if you have an SD card slot or adapter. This is exceptionally helpful for media training and also for sharing videos and building connections with other potential business contacts at a conference.

It comes with a remote control, in-built surround sound speakers and an SD card slot if its own 32Gb of memory isn’t enough!

But the function that has come in as a serious bonus is the automatic capture whenever the camera detects two smiling faces. I was surprised at the images to begin with, but was delighted at the quality that almost removed the need to hire my own camera man.

This might not be James Bond’s camcorder, but certainly the Caped Crusader might be found dabbling.



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