Facebook shares its secrets at TBWA/RAAD Power Breakfast

Many thanks to TBWA/RAAD for inviting me to attend the June 28 Power Breakfast at The Address Dubai Mall. It was an excellent event with great speakers. I include below an embedded video of Facebook’s MENA Client Partner, Scott Hicks, who presents some tricks of the trade and best practise for using Facebook to reach your audiences.

He used a number of excellent videos within his presentation which I have edited out for quality and viewing experience reasons. You can visit www.facebook-studio.com for many great examples of how Facebook is being used by companies around the world.

Here’s a short summary of the points discussed:

  • Facebook is moving to Phase 2 – from Social Graph to Open Graph which means allowing people to do more than ‘Like’ something
  • There are 45 million Facebook users in the Middle East and North Africa
    • KSA: 6 million users, 3 million mobile users, 48% accessing Facebook daily
    • UAE: 4 million users, 2 million mobile users, 57% accessing Facebook daily
  • People are spending 6.5hrs a month on Facebook
  • Facebook is now the first thing that people do in the morning, greater priority than email
  • Facebook’s strategic model is ‘C.E.I.I.’ – Connect, Engage, Influence and Integrate
  • Your Fan Base should mirror your customer base
  • Starbucks analysed that Fans spend 8% more and visit 11% more
  • Only 16% of your audience sees your posts if you don’t use a paid-for upgrade
  • Big idea is for fans to influence their friends, who research shows are also more frequent users and higher value customers
  • Your ‘Page’ is your Mission Control for Facebook
  • Facebook has lots of mobile products in the pipeline
  • Facebook ads have 2* ad recall, and support 31% brand awareness. They offer 3* ROI in 70% of cases
  • Campaigns should be ‘social by design’ including social within the creative brief

Page publishing Best Practice

1)Post succinct content
Posts between 100-250 characters see 60% more likes, comments and shares
2) Post photos and videos
Photo album à 180% greater engagement, picture à 120%, and video à 100%
3)Post regularly
Know your audience and post at the appropriate timing
4)Ask for your fans’ opinion
Have a 2-way conversation (Polls, Questions, Quizzes)
5) Reward your fans with exclusive information, deals, and perks (via offers)
6)Leverage page insights to find out when people engage most
On average, internal studies show that the most engagement with Pages occur between 9pm-10pm.  Age groups 18-24 are the most active during this time by 30%


If you found this interesting, you might also wish to attend MEPRA’s own conference on Social/Digital Media in Dubai on July 18 – more info here: http://wp.me/p2kJmk-a7.


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