The Mobile Communicator’s Kitbag – Must Have # 4 an Ipod Touch 64Gb

Now, previously I recommended Apples MacBook Air – a product priced around $1,500 depending on where you buy. Today, I recommend another Apple product, but one which should save you a small packet!

This is a secret that any Apple geek may tell you, but no Apple vendor. The Ipod Touch is effectively the iPhone without a SIM card. That’s right, it has all the features of the iPhone, but is roughly 1/2 the price. of the newest version of the phone.

And you could easily get away with the 8GB version which is barely $200 or pick one up second hand.

There are many reasons to invest in the iPod Touch. Firstly it is a great audio recorder perfect for interviews or placing on a podium.

Second, it has all the functionality of the App Store – which means you can turn it into anything you want. You can even add Skype to turn it into a mobile phone powered by your portable Wi-Fi-HSPA router!

There is nothing the iPod Touch cannot do and it is therefore a versatile and powerful companion. If you must have a tablet – buy this.


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