OLB proposes evaluation methodology for broadcast PR

If you have watched the video of our MEPRA Awards launch event you will see our Vice Chair Nicola Gregson explaining why AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency) evaluation will not be considered in the judging process.

This is supported by a paper recently produced by UK-based On Line Broadcasting (OLB), an independent broadcast consultancy and production company that helps to bridge the gap between broadcast media and the worlds of PR and corporate communications.

In their research paper (ON LINE BROADCASTING REPORT ON MEDIA EVALUATION AND ROI) they argue that there is “no truly reliable and effective method of objectively measuring and expressing the effectiveness in financial terms, but that it is clear that what {we} achieve is immensely powerful.”

Even if one accepts and attempts to adopt a sophisticated evaluation model (such as Cision‘s referenced in the report it doesn’t, in OLB’s experience,  satisfactorily reflect the value of broadcast PR. This is because this model cannot cope with the massive geography that international news channels and entertainment platforms can reach.

“In relation to the multiplication of ‘Impact’ to assess ‘Net Effect’, audiences reached by TV stations are measured in millions. Even more significant is the calibre of the audience reached by the business stations we work with. As examples, interviews transmitted by Bloomberg go out on around 300,000 screens around the world in investment institutions managing assets of at least $1 billion, while Reuters’ interviews are transmitted globally to around 550,000 screens in institutions and reach an even larger investment audience. It is probably safe to assume that a typical multi-interview session we arrange will reach – and influence – an audience that commands investment funds amounting to trillions of dollars.”

En lieu OLB propose the following evaluation methodology:

  • Quality and geographical range of coverage
  • Impact on perceptions of the client company in its native country/region and in the wider world
  • Awareness of the company and its activities outside its native country
  • The international profile of the company and its senior spokespeople

Arguably it simply isn’t possible to buy advertising slots of equivalent duration to the interviews that PR practitioners arrange (and there are some stations that do not sell advertising at all), so OLB believes it is questionable to attach advertising equivalent values to editorial coverage.

Interesting stuff indeed. If you need more information, feel free to contact Simon Wynn at OLB who we hope will be joining us to deliver a presentation in the near future.


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