The Who’s Who of YouTube PR – which is your favourite channel?

As the adage goes, you should never trust a thin chef. If one takes delight in your work, then you should be expected to indulge a little. The same may be expected in terms of social media.

This is part one of a series of articles which list the various agency social media resources that are available and may be examined as best practice.

The first is for YouTube, and you may find my channel here and MEPRA’s channel at the following link.

I have chosen YouTube as I believe that video will become the press release of the future. The ability to rapidly hash together a 90second edit will be as important as to be able to draft a 300 word announcement in 30 minutes.

Content is king, and all telecoms and ICT graphs indicate that the highest demand for content is video.  Read my post from April for more on this.

This is why one of the first items I have recommended in my Mobile Communicator’s Kitbag feature is a Sony camcorder which has all the features you could dream off – it is also the camera I have used for the various edits on this site and on my personal YouTube channel.

Click, subscribe, watch & enjoy – if there are others that you recommend please leave in the comments section!

PR Agencies

Active PR –

Apco Worldwide –

Bell Pottinger Digital –

Burson Marsteller –

Edelman Global –

Hill&Knowlton Strategies –

Headline PR –

Ketcum –

MS&L Worldwide –

O2 Marketing Communications –

Porter Novelli –

Spot On –

Total Communications – (you have to access from their Web site for some reason)

Weber Shandwick –

PR Associations

Chartered Institute of PR –

International Association of Business Communicators –


Arun Shudhaman (Holmes Report Fame) –


About stephenking2012

In 2012 I volunteered to hold the position of Chair - Standards & Ethics Committee for the Middle East PR Association (@MEPRA_org). I have set up this account to assist in this effort. You may also like to follow my Blog or connect with me on LinkedIn. In any case, please do visit, and if you are not yet a member, please do sign up!
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  1. Also @mita56’s YouTube PR channel at

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