The Mobile Communicator’s Kitbag – Must have item 5 and 6 – BlackBerry devices…

They say when you leave the office and return home, the only thing you take with you is your credibility… and maybe I’m about to lose mine.

For items 5 & 6 on my list of must have mobility tools I am going to stick my neck out and recommend… wait for it… yes the BlackBerry Playbook and the BlackBerry Torch.

# 5 BlackBerry Playbook

Now, if you have read my earlier posts, you will know that I have previously ranted against  BlackBerry’s attempt at a tablet computer – which I understand has recently been discontinued – well at least the 16Gb one has.

The Playbook was effectively designed broken and shipped in a manner that would annoy and frustrate BlackBerry’s hardened community of worshipers.

The key feature – the BlackBerry Bridge – didn’t work on older phones meaning that you would need to upgrade your phone as well as buy the tablet if you wanted to use it.

Further, if you let the device power down then it wouldn’t restart as it had a defect that was left unfixed for many months. I only recently found mine had started to work again.

When I first bought my Playbook I checked around and asked friends what was the best device. They recommended something else. But, being the ‘expert’ that I am and with a nose for a deal I bought two of these devices for the price of one…

I think now I have a bargain.

The bugs have been fixed, and the promise of BlackBerry speed connectivity bridging with your smart phone is working like a charm. I can download WordPress applications and access my blog and it is also great for watching YouTube videos.

By using your BlackBerry phone and BlackBerry Bridge this also negates the need for a separate wireless keyboard attachment necessary for other tablets. It’s not much I know, but it really does make a difference when you are travelling on the metro,on an airplane, in a bus or generally in a confined space. If you aren’t in confined space… why are you using a tablet? Use your Macbook Air.

Also the Playbook is cheap. It is dirt cheap. Mainly because there are potentially so many dissatisfied customers who would be willing to give it away. More fool them! Buy one now it does everything you could possibly want and its a fraction of the cost of one of those new Apple/Android things. (Also, you will have perhaps read that I think Tablets are pointless. Which I still hold true. But if you have to have one, buy one that’s cheap.)

Damaging it isn’t going to cause you worries. Losing it won’t make you lose sleep. And you can defend yourself and hit someone with it quite nicely knowing  a)  it can take a bit of bashing and b) you can replace it so cheaply.

It’s possible that no-one would actually want to steal it either…

#6 BlackBerry Torch

Again mobile / gadget people may disagree… but if you have the Playbook you have to take a BlackBerry mobile. And the best one I have found by far is the Torch. I love the touch-screen, I delight in the sliding keypad. The camera is amazing and the Web browsing is so swift.

That’s about it really.


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4 Responses to The Mobile Communicator’s Kitbag – Must have item 5 and 6 – BlackBerry devices…

  1. mita56 says:

    Not sure about the Torch but I like my BB Playbook too. And considering I don’t have to pay separately for an Internet connection is a great bonus!

    • Wow -I’m not alone 🙂

      I also like the Curve, except the tracker pad is so annoying at the most important times! I hope BB gets through its current problems.

      • mita56 says:

        Me too – would be such a shame. I think for travelling business persons – the BB is the most economical way to stay in touch

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Playbook is definitely cheap even for India! And yes, couple of friends have used torch and they swear by it!

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