Mobile Communicator’s Kitbag #7 – Canon SX40 HS

35* optical zoom anyone?

I was recently approached by a magazine and asked for my definition of ‘Power’. I have written quite a reasonable/sensible response (by my standards), but after buying the latest addition to my ‘Kitbag’ I think I could easily have approached this from a different angle.

Quite simply, power is a 35* optical zoom – the kind you find in say, the Canon SX40 HS.

Now I am to gadgets what Jeremy Clarkson is to gardening, so for a proper review, please read here.

The reason I love this device, is well partially because of the features, a little bit because its currently significantly cheaper than its Panasonic and Sony competitors. But mostly because of the zoom.

I don’t know about you, but when I see a Corporate Comms exec in a suit taking pictures with the company camera, I don’t immediately think “hey, there’s a smart guy saving the company some money”.

However, there comes a point when you need to take images yourself. With the current climate budgets are being cut and where before you might have been able to book a cameraman for the full day, now you may be limited to the opening remarks.

Also, you might have to go for a cameraman of limited ability…

What do you do then?

With the 35* optical zoom you can actually stand at the back of the hall and take images without anyone noticing you. They will be high quality and good enough for Flickr, to Tweet, and publish.

It also does video quite well and has some amazing photo effects that can help make rich presentations that your hired photographer perhaps won’t capture.

You will need a spare battery with you in any case, but with an 8GB memory card you will be able to capture the highlights of the entire event – possibly without anyone noticing.

I do believe you need both a camera and a video camera such as the Sony HDR PJ30. The reason is audio. You cannot take good sound with an in-built microphone – whether that’s a video camera or a digital camera. And you can’t take good images with a video cam…

If the name of the game is Retweets, Shares and Likes then you have to invest in the right tools. Otherwise, you are wasting time – and that is far more valuable than money.

The Greens lake before zoom…

And after 35* optical zooming has been activated!


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