PR Bucketlist #2 Comic-Con International

I love comics, and I’m not ashamed to say it… well maybe a little.

And I’ve just come home after watching the Amazing Spider-Man movie which had a couple of surprises for me. The first, that it was very good, and the second that ‘Spider-Man’ is actually hyphenated.

This inspired me to postone the other two events that I have lined up for my ‘Bucketlist’ and instead write about Comic-Con International.

Image from

This is the big one where you can meet stars such as Robert Downey Jr, the casts of ‘Glee’ and that vampire movie everyone keeps going on about etc etc.

Now this one is pretty easy – you just book your ticket and go. The next event is July 18-21 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Two of the rising stars of tinsel-town from the ‘Vampire Diaries’

So the challenge isn’t to gain entry – but to identify one of our local ‘heroes’ to represent at the event and therefore have your business class airfair, hotel and entrance paid for.

If they book early, they can get a 10*10 space quite reasonably for $1,300. Which is great value if you compare with any event in the Middle East.

The Middle East region has an abundance of talent in this field and there are many Emirati comic artists producing some very exciting work. I was greatly impressed by the UAE’s Middle East Film & Comic-Con event earlier this year and I look forward to 2013 which should be even better.

I think this has legs.

It’s a private sector industry which requires talent and skill – as well as passion. There is also a considerable ROI for investors as the set-up cost is relatively small.

You only need to look at the success of Freej to realise what can be achieved with a little support and nurturing.

In the same way (albeit at a significantly smaller investment!) Arab investors eye the English football league, I think Emirati and Arab comic artists have a lot of potential.

Read this for some insight into the exciting (!) actors you could meet at the event. My favourites are the casts from Doctor Who, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Fringe and Dexter.


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