00-Steven Recommends: Eye-Fi

Some of my most popular posts have been about the gadgets that communicators need to do their jobs today (search for Mobile Communicator’s Kitbag!). I am developing that series and, being inspired by the recently launched ‘Skyfall’, have decided to rebrand as 00-Steven!

The first must-have therefore, is the Eye-Fi Card for your camera.

Honestly, I was a little bit sceptical when I bought it from Jumbo – especially considering it was just under Dhs500. The Sales Rep didn’t really understand it either, and explained it badly. But fortunately, I am ‘man’ and I know better – so I bought it on the chance it should work…

I am very happy. Very, very happy. Ecstatic even.

In short, this is a memory card suitable for most cameras and video cameras, which has in-built Wifi enabling you to send photos and videos to major social media sites, and a specified computer in real-time (or as soon as you finish recording).

The Eye-fi device comes with a USB attachment in case your PC doesn’t have a SD-Card slot. You then set up the card with the Wifi password that you wish to use, and your account with the required permissions (i.e. whether you want to send all pictures directly to Flickr, Picasa and videos to You Tube, or if you wish to have some kind of prior approval). And that’s it. You are ready to rock and roll!

I tested it immediately in the office, and as a magician I said ‘nothing in this sleeve, nothing in this one…. just an ordinary camera…’ I took the photo, left it with my ‘model’ and then proceeded to bring my laptop… the picture downloaded in front of their eyes to utter disbelief.

Then I did it with video.

So now, I no-longer need to wait for the photographer to send a CD with the images at the end of the event. I don’t need to pray I am getting good stock. No, all I need to do is provide them with the Eye-Fi card, ensure their camera is compatible and watch on my laptop.

I can then send images in real-time to my media contacts, or direct the photographer to take different shots as required.

For video – I have nearly real-time upload to YouTube. And considering I have a very good HD camera, that means I can almost compete with CNN.

This is a product that must be seen to be believed!


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