Don’t be an April Fool! Set Proper Objectives Today!

As a member of the IABC for the past three years, I have been delighted with its fantastic magazine ‘Communications World’. It is by far the most useful marketing-related publication that can be produced and this is possibly because most of the articles appear to be contributed voluntarily by people in the industry about topics that matter to the industry, rather than to advertisers.

In the most recent issue, there is a fantastic article by Caroline Kealey (@carolinekealey) which sadly is for members only (but you can sign up to IABC via its Web site

Here she discusses her Target Map theory and four easy steps to follow when setting your communications plan. I found these very easy to follow and given we are entering Q1 review period, I want to consider them for the remainder of the year.

Caroline recommends setting objectives in four areas: Process; Activity; Relationship; and Results. This holistic approach covers just about anything you can think off.

Process covers all the operational work and directs the PRO to become more efficient. Let’s look at everything we do and make it faster and better. Here you might add an objective of establishing a process library, training staff or conducting a process workshop. This would have a positive impact on the second area… Activity.

Activity is about the things we do such as press release writing, VNR development, infographic development. It seeks to measure our output. This is a quantitative and measurable outcome – how many press releases are we able to issue in a certain time? How many journalists can we satisfy with interviews or other information sources. If our processes are good, then the level of activity should increase or at least remain consistent over time.

The third step is ‘Relationship’s which is a very complicated measurement as it relies upon a fair amount of qualitative research. It might be that you measure this on the number of engagements that are possible with certain key stakeholder groups. This in turn is dependent upon your ‘Activities’ which is reliant upon good Processes…

Results is the final measurement and this is how your Processes, Activities, Relationships are helping to achieve the corporate’s objectives.

If you know you need to grow the revenue of your polo club by $x in a year (Result Target) you can then role down the other factors quite easily.

We would need to have a relationship target with Corporates and Individuals. Corporates could possibly be defined as the number of meetings that take place, participants in hospitality events and feedback as towards newsletters or other marketing materials.  Individuals could be on social media engagement, advocacy and personal rapport.

From the above it figures we must issue x newsletters a year, hold y meetings with key prospects and clients, host z hospitality events and  provide incentives to our individual members to maintain their loyalty and engagement.

We are a small club, therefore we don’t have a huge amount of money to spend, therefore as a process, we must train ourselves on cheap/free online tools such as Survey Monkey, HootSuite and also invest in photography and video equipment to make rich content for our social media services. Learning how to use Adobe software might also be helpful, and Blurb.






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