Arabia CSR Network Seeks Sustainable Corporate Citizens (Video!)

The new cycle of the annual Arabia CSR Awards was launched today at a press conference at the Amwaj Rotana in Dubai. The event is hugely popular with both small and large corporates and government departments in the Gulf and more recently has achieved acclaim in the wider Arab world. It helps to support strategic CSR within corporations and moves the practice away from philanthropy towards responsible business practices (please watch the video highlights below!).

Head table at launch of Arabia CSR Awards

Habiba Al Marashi, President & CEO at Arabia CSR Network launches 6th Cycle of Arabia CSR Awards

This year the competition is running under the theme ‘Driving Sustainability through Corporate Citizenship’ a clear call for growing a sustainability culture within all parts of the company. This is absolutely critical for CSR/Sustainability to be successful, and is also advocated within ISO26000 principles.

The event was kicked off as usual by one of the Gulf’s most vocal Sustainability and CSR advocates, Ms Habiba Al Marashi – who is also the President and CEO of the Arabia CSR Network (among other things!).

There are six categories this year; Small Enterprises; Medium-sized Enterprises; Large enterprises; Government/Public Sector; Corporate-NGO; and New Business.

Nominations have to be through a prescribed questionnaire which has developed by some of the world’s most experienced consultants and reflects the current best practice recommended by organisations such as the Global Reporting Initiative (

As such, the awards follow quite a scientific judging process and therefore has a great deal of credibility. It also, allows for honest feedback to the entrants in order they can improve their performance year on year.

In my experience, the Arabia CSR Awards have proven to be extremely useful in raising awareness at the highest levels of organisations and across departments. It provides both a method of benchmarking your own organisation, and also an achievable quick win reward if you are successful in making the necessary changes which will ultimately have a major impact on the company’s performance as a whole.

Enter today at


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