Promoting my presentation at the IIR Middle East CSR Summit on May 22

Etisalat is the sponsor of the IIR Middle East CSR Summit taking place at the Address, Dubai Marina between May 20-22.

I am delivering a presentation regarding how ISO26000 has helped share a common understanding of CSR across our operations at midday on May 22 (

Last year I attended a very good conference focused on ISO26000 which was held here in Abu Dhabi. Here I had the chance to meet and interview Rob Steele, Secretary General of ISO – this is what he said to me.

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Etisalat Stunt to Promote Elife Pause TV

I think this is quite entertaining!

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Arabia CSR Network Seeks Sustainable Corporate Citizens (Video!)

The new cycle of the annual Arabia CSR Awards was launched today at a press conference at the Amwaj Rotana in Dubai. The event is hugely popular with both small and large corporates and government departments in the Gulf and more recently has achieved acclaim in the wider Arab world. It helps to support strategic CSR within corporations and moves the practice away from philanthropy towards responsible business practices (please watch the video highlights below!).

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Don’t be an April Fool! Set Proper Objectives Today!

As a member of the IABC for the past three years, I have been delighted with its fantastic magazine ‘Communications World’. It is by far the most useful marketing-related publication that can be produced and this is possibly because most of the articles appear to be contributed voluntarily by people in the industry about topics that matter to the industry, rather than to advertisers.

In the most recent issue, there is a fantastic article by Caroline Kealey (@carolinekealey) which sadly is for members only (but you can sign up to IABC via its Web site

Here she discusses her Target Map theory and four easy steps to follow when setting your communications plan. I found these very easy to follow and given we are entering Q1 review period, I want to consider them for the remainder of the year.

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Will LinkedIn Sponsored Groups Make the Connection in Middle East?

In the recent months I have had the great fortune to meet several times with senior officials at the major global social media networks. Each time I am pleasantly surprised that there is always something new and exciting to try.

Citi has this sponsored Group in LinkedIN targeting women.

You can forget all the media hype about university billionaires, these businesses have grown quickly and successfully for a reason. Just last week I had the opportunity to meet with a team from LinkedIn where we discussed various elements of their recruitment offering. During the discussions they introduced me to ‘Sponsored Groups’ a service that was launched in 2010 but which I haven’t heard being used here in the region (please correct me if you have launched one!) Continue reading

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Are you being searched? Top People Guiding Readers to My Blog!

A very interesting function on Word Press is to share the search terms that are bringing people to your blog. Now that I have been running my site for about a year, I have a pretty good number of visitors and some invaluable data.

This is the top list of people I have written about or mentioned on my blog this year and how busy Google has been in keeping tabs on them.

I don’t mention people very often, I must say. It’s usually a video edit that I have uploaded. But still, there is interesting insight here if nothing else…

So in 2012, the Top Traffic Generators to My Site were

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Is this the era of the PR Geek?

My friends and contacts in the ICT arena are often contacted from recruitment agencies asking if they would like to head a PR agency’s ICT practice.

Thank you very much they say, but, why only the ICT Practice? Why not the whole thing?

But you are very specialised the HR says.

Yes, but PR is now all about ICT (whether its social media, digital communications, SEO, Augmented Reality, etc etc) and therefore ICT specialists should be leading don’t you think?

Eh, we’ll get back to you…

And this is pretty much as far as it goes.

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I am much richer than THOU!

I totally don’t understand the reason behind this complaint against Forbes’ magazine’s rich list (

But maybe that’s because I don’t walk in circles where the most sleep troubling worry is not being on Emirate’s VVIP ‘By Invitation’ list.

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Austrians take no ‘Bull’ winging brand blackmailers before rumours take flight…

Here’s a lovely case study to stimulate your mind on how to tackle a potential brand crisis (–f1.html).

Red Bull Advertisement in Ibiza Airport

Image: Stephen King 2012

It appears Red Bull has had to take some risks in facing down blackmailers who were threatening the company’s reputation and contaminating products on supermarket shelves.

Instead of ignoring the problem, and hoping the threats would go away, RB’s management team went on the offence and proactively warned its customers about the potential danger thus eliminating the Blackmailer’s ability to create terror.

The Reuters/Yahoo article above includes more details of this incident and also some other cases where brands have taken product safety to their customers which might be useful in the future if you need to give your crisis management proposal wings!


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Michael Moore Stars in Potentially World’s Largest Public Engagement Exercise

There are very few people who really make my brain work as much as Michael Moore, the famed American documentary maker. Sometimes I like to virtually argue with his point of view which is generally very difficult from an ethical stance.

But other times I am confounded that there is a need for him to write in the first place as his messages are regularly so logical that it is ridiculous that they need to be made at all.

Michael Moore 2011 Shankbone 2

His latest email blast is one of those. This is part of a series he has shared about the ongoing gun legislation debate that was sparked from a massive tragedy earlier in the year and was accelerated by Piers Morgan on his CNN prime time show.

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